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Category: World Coins

ALBANIA, 1 LEK, 1926



27 mm (1”), ~13 grams

HISTORY: The lek was issued on February 16, 1926. It was Albania’s first currency as a republic. The word derives from a foreshortening of Alexander the Great (356—323 BC) whose Albanian name translates as Leka. The lek was minted in ¼, ½ and 1 qind denominations in nickel only. The Albanian word “qind” means one hundred, so 1 lek equals 100 cents. Albania produced their coins at three mints: Rome (R), Vienna (V) and London (L). The lek was demonetized in 1940.

OBVERSE: This is Albania’s first lek, with the profile bust of Alexander the Great. “SHQIPINI” is the spelling of “ALBANIA.” Below the bust, in tiny letters, are the names “G. ROMAGNOLI” and “A. MOTTI INC” (see also W051).

REVERSE: Alexander the Great riding his stallion bareback into battle. Beneath the ground surface are the texts “R,” “1·LEK” and “1926.”

EDGE: Reeded.