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Category: World Coins



Silver Proof, AU

42 mm (1-5/8”), 42.5 grams

HISTORY: After several hundred years under British rule, the island country of Barbados gained independence in 1966. In that year, Barbados adopted both their coat of arms and the design of their national flag. The Central Bank of Barbados was established in 1972, taking control over monetary policy. Then, in 1974, they withdrew from the Eastern Caribbean Currency Authority.

OBVERSE: A beaded rim frames the Barbados coat of arms. The year 1974 floats above two broken tridents to the left and right. Below, and to the right of the national motto ribbon (“Pride and Industry”), is the Franklin Mint hallmark (“F” with expanded “m”).

REVERSE: Again, a beaded rim encircles an image of Poseidon, the Greek god of sea and storms and the protector of seafarers. Designed by Philip Nathan, British coin and medal designer, Poseidon rests his right hand on a dolphin fish (dorado) while projecting a trident with his left. Tucked beneath the fins of the dolphin fish, to the lower left, are the designer’s initials “PN.” In 1990, Nathan, with Christopher Ironside (1913‒1992), cofounded the London-based Society of Numismatic Artists and Designers.

EDGE: Reeded.