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Category: World Coins


W056 (see also W030)

.700 Silver, AU

30 mm (1-3/16”), 11 grams

HISTORY: This coin was produced for only four years, 1930--1933. In 1930 there were a total of 4,949,000 minted.

OBVERSE: A beaded rim surrounds the words “REPUBLIKA ČESKOSLOVENSKA 1930”. An iteration of the coat of arms is in the center. This coat of arms (and there were many throughout the years) was used between 1920 and 1939 (see also W030).

REVERSE: The reverse design is signed “•J•H•” beneath the sheaf of wheat. Jaroslav Horejc (1886–1983) was an important sculptor of the Art Deco period. He studied at the Prague School of Art where he realized his unique talent and later became a professor. Horejc’s deco design for this coin illustrates a relaxed, yet confident seated Fortuna, Roman goddess of fortune. Beneath her right hand is Industry and Commerce, represented by a hammer and Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortunae). A silhouetted city thrives below her feet, sprouting a tall vine that Fortuna touches with her outstretched left hand. To the right, Agriculture is represented by a plow and bundled wheat. To the upper right is a large “10” with “Kč” below. A koruna is one Czech crown.

EDGE: Reeded.