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Category: Exonumia



Gilded Aluminum, AU

30 mm (1.18”), 14.18 grams

OBVERSE: The Guttag Brothers were a legendary New York City coin dealership. They issued several medal designs, promoting their multifaceted business. Each design was created by the distinguished New York medalist Jonathan M. Swanson (1888–1963) and struck by Medallic Art Company. Swanson was a member of several numismatic clubs and the eighth president of the New York Numismatic Club from 1923–1925. He created numerous corporate and company medals during his career. This medal illustrates the research and study of a coin held in the hand of a nude male youth beneath an Aladdin oil lamp, the light of dreams, held aloft by a companion nude female referencing a scholarly book. “RARE COINS” advertises the bottom of the medal with © (copyright symbol) to the left and a “GB” logo to the right. Above the woman’s shoulder is the “JMS” monogram of Jonathan M. Swanson, which is also notable.

REVERSE: This is an advertising handout, after all, and so it is what it is. “GUTTAG BROS. NEW YORK” frames the medal top and bottom, with the center selling their products and expertise: “DOLLAR BONDS FOREIGN MONEY BANK STOCKS.”

EDGE: The edge is pretty raggedy, but there are no marks.