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Silver MS UNC, Sterling .925 fine, Greece 1981

36 mm (1-9/16”), 32 grams

HISTORY: Greece issued three silver and three gold coin sets for the 1982 Pan European Games held in Athens that year. The sets contained 100, 250, and 500 silver drachmes, and 2500 and 5000 gold drachmes. The first and second sets celebrated the XIII Pan European Games, featuring various events on the reverse of each coin. This coin is from the first set, issued in 1981, featuring the Olympic Track and Field Runners.

OBVERSE: “EΛΛHNIKH ΔHMOKPATIA” (Democratic Republic of Greece), around the rim, frames the Greece coat of arms, in use since 1975. Below the laurel branches are the words “ΔPAXMAI” “500” (500 drachmes) and 1981, the year of mintage.

REVERSE: “ΧΙΙΙ ΠΑΝΕΥΡΩΠΑΪΚΟΙ ΑΓΩΝΕΣ ΣΤΙΒΟΥ ΑΘΗΝΑ 1982” (XIII PAN–EUROPEAN GAMES ATHENS 1982) surrounds the Stadion Race. Among the four types of races at Olympia, the stadion was the oldest event of the Olympic games. Runners sprinted for 1 stade (192 meters, or 210 yards), which was the length of the stadium.

Beneath is the phrase “Θ.п. KΑΛOΣKAΓAΘOΣ” (KALOS KAGATOS), which is full of meaning: “Kalos” for beautiful or ideal, and “Kagatos” for good or virtuous. It might roughly be translated as “harmony in mind and body.” To the lower right is the logo of the 13th European Athletics Championships (held every four years since 1934), an abstract design of Athens Olympic Stadium with a dove of peace above.

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