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Category: Exonumia




59 mm (2-5/16”), 176 grams

OBVERSE: This medal is the design of Flemish sculptor Julien Dillens (1849–1904), one of the artists in the creation of the famous Brussels Anspach Monument. This is a portrait of Léon Vanderkindere (1842–1906), Belgian historian, academic and local politician, who was Professeur d’Histoire a Universite Libre de Bruxelles between 1872 and 1902. He was also a member of the Royal Academy (Belgium) and mayor of Ukkel from 1900 until his death.

REVERSE: Renowned for his nudes, Dillens depicts a young, partially draped woman seated with an open scroll on her lap, an overturned hourglass, an oak branch and a rolled scroll at her feet, symbolic perhaps of the passing of time, wisdom, and achievement. It is signed “J. Dillens” and is one of the last of his works before his early death at 55.

EDGE: The bottom edge is stamped (double-struck) “Wolfers Freres Fabs,” a Belgium firm famous for their fine silver and art nouveau ware.