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Category: Exonumia



Goldine (brass), UNC

38 mm (1.5”), 28 grams

HISTORY: Robert B. Maxey from Baltimore, Maryland, had a unique hobby designing medals, creating dies, and minting them in small quantities at the Baltimore City Mint. This is a well-designed and produced medal, very impressive. He was a member of the storied Baltimore Coin Club, and there are a few club members who still remember him.

REVERSE: Liberty, with her sword and shield, sits bare-breasted in the company of two eagles. Thirteen stars ring the top half of this medal. Maxey’s initial “M” is shown near the tip of her sword and, clearly, center bottom is the year “1987.”

OBVERSE: Twenty-six stars and “AMERICA” ring this medal. A winged Victory, holding aloft a flaming torch in her right hand while outstretching an olive branch with her left, stands upon a banner reading “WE THE PEOPLE,” resting on a cherry blossom branch. To the left is the initial “M” (Maxey) and at the bottom a “©” (copyright symbol). The date (“1988”) is a strikeover, with a barely visible “7” beneath the “8” (see Strikover Detail).

Strikeover Detail