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1 oz .999 Silver, BU; Minted: 400,000

3.5cm (1-3/8”), 31.10 grams, reeded edge

HISTORY: This popular coin was minted by La Casa de Moneda de Mexico (Mexican Mint). Established in 1535, it is the oldest mint in the Americas. This coin was the earlier of the Libertad OnZa 1-ounce coins.

OBVERSE: The winged Victoria, Angel of Independence, Symbol of Mexico City, is forefront on the coin, with a raised laureate wreath in her right hand and a broken chain in her left. Below her left hand is the “O” over “M” logo of the mint. Behind are two volcanic mountains, Popocatépetl to her left and Iztaccihuatl to her right.

REVERSE: The official state seal of Mexico is shown, encircled by the words “ESTADOS UDIDOS MEXICANOS.”